Crostata di spinaci and soupe à l’oignon

May 24, 2013 § 1 Comment

First, let’s celebrate this morning with this picture:

…because the flower next to my bed is reflecting the sunshine outside the window.  Finally!

As if to have a farewell-dinner to the cold’n’rainy weather, last night’s endeavor consisted of preparing a menu to warm up the heart and soul.  And lasso the food menu back to the European continent.  So, I got dolled up and put on some high heels (because that’s how Italian women do everything, right?), turned up the Italian beats, and got into the Kitchen State of Mind.


Part I was supposed to be a crostata di spianci.  Not sure how accurately that turned out, but I still had fun making the pasta frolla salata, shaping it, mixing together all of the spinach stuffing ingredients, and watching it grow in the oven.  A little too enthusiastically for my liking, because I still haven’t figured out the oven settings completely… so, what was supposed to be 40 minutes turned out to be 20, and there was a lovely umber hue on the top that I will try to avoid next time.  Also, less panna, more greens.


Part II drew inspiration from this:


So, I did a lot of cutting, and added this:


And ended up with some onion soup:

Thursday 4
Yum!  Coincidentally, my mother shared a newly-learned-in-France cooking tip yesterday: if you hold your breath while cutting onions, you won’t cry.  I’m a sensitive person, and this was the perfect opportunity to try out the tip.  It worked for the first two seconds, after which I had to breath, and thereby started sniffling.  I also heard the opposite of holding your breath- breathe in through your mouth (thanks, Sandy!).  Which, despite all of my efforts to look like a dead fish with my mouth wide agape, didn’t work either.  Never have I shed so many tears over a meal before.  But that’s alright, it was worth it.

It’s been a while since I spend hours standing next to the stove and using every single pot and pan in the house, so this was nice.  Therapeutic.  And scrumptious 🙂






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  • Clay Allison says:

    The only trick that I know that works (onions/no tears) I almost never use because I love to cry. It is simple though and seems to work. Put a wee bit of olive oil on your hands and rub it in before cutting the onion. Try it. It will work, or not, for you.

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