Between Suspension and Creation

May 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

There is a reference to Italian breakfast culture that I absolutely love in one of Amara Lakhous’ books.  It is a summary of morning rituals in the form of “…le tre C: cappuccino, cornetto e Corriere della Sera.”  And I completely agree.  I’m not sure what gives it that thrill every single morning to roll out of bed and to make it to the bar in the middle of the city center in time to order a cappuccino before it’s too late in the day for me to do so with courage.  And devour a still-warm pastry, and flip through the newspapers laid out on the tables.  But, there is something that deems it special every single morning, and I’m not gonna fight it.

My past few days have been as mellow as the skies have been cloudy.

So, after my morning ritual, I’ve been working on another random piece of art that was inspired by who-knows-what.  It started out as a regular watercolor figure drawing… and then came out the little paint brushes and the colored pencils…. and with them, the ladybugs and the flowers.  I’m surprised that wings didn’t make it into the picture.  This might have stemmed from a subconscious acceptance of the fact that before I write my sweep-the-world novel, I am going to come out with an illustration book.  That, or a deck of tarot cards entitled Graceful Ladies In The Wild.  (hah)

Breath of Nature

‘At Rest’, 14″ x 21″

Also, good news come to those that love perfect timing.

I found out that I was selected for a position to teach at a school near the outskirts of Milan this upcoming semester.  I applied to this program a while ago, it was kind of a hassle, and all of their e-mails so far have not been very encouraging.  And then, just as I began to wonder what I am going to do in Italy other than drink wine and play with paintbrushes, I get these news.  So… looks like it’s time to thoroughly enjoy the summer and then pack up and head north for a few cold months!  And get some more money into my pocket and finally find my own niche in Italy and become an expert Speaker of the Italian Language.  And take advantage of being right next to Milan and stock up on theatres and art shows at every opportunity.

And have many more exciting adventures and amusing stories, I’m sure : )


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