Sunsets, crustaceans, and hippos.

May 19, 2013 § 1 Comment

Today didn’t really start until the evening, when the sunset and the sea completely made up for it.

It’s been a weird couple of days around Ancona lately, with the sun and clouds battling to have dominance in the sky… and reign changing every few minutes.  Today was no different- beautiful early morning, ominous skies by noon, lovely afternoon, and return of the clouds in the evening… with heavy sprinkles scattered throughout the region.  But, then, as if the sunset wanted to show just how impressive it can be in Italy, this happened:


(sun setting behind mountains in a break of the rainclouds)

After spending the peak of Sunset Time at IKEA, buying flowers, Mr. Italian and I drove over to Portonovo, a tiny cove on the Adriatic coast a few minutes outside of Ancona that has gorgeous scenery and several top-notch seafood restaurants:


And, since Mr. Italian never passes up the opportunity for a good meal (good character trait), we stopped by Il Molo, one of the restaurants dotting the Portonovo pebbleside and had our first seaside meal of the year: grigliata mista di Pesce.


.. and enjoyed the complimentary lemon sorbettos that come with all seafood dishes to wash out that fishy taste:


… and tried to figure this end-of-dinner treat out… as far as I could tell, it’s a ball of ooey slime, that is supposed to somehow, magically, take an animal shape.  And, judging by the instruction manual (reference guide?) that came with it, this purple ball of goo is supposed to be a hippopotamus.  Which I have a slight problem with (especially after visiting the zoo yesterday and learning all about hippos)… because I really don’t think that Mr. Wanna-Be-Hippo looks like a hippo in the first place.  In fact, he looks exactly like the hyena.  What’s up with that?

But, other than confused animals, it’s been a pretty wonderful evening, so I really can’t complain : )


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