Lions, and Tigers, and Capybaras, Oh My!

May 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

Today, I did what I have been itching to do for many months here in the Marche region of Italy.  I went to the Falconara Zoo, which, while it does not quite compare to German zoos, certainly puts the Austin one to shame.  It’s kind of like everything in Ancona: small, quaint, and with a spark of something special (bonus points for all of the Simba pictures scattered throughout the place!).  I mean, how many zoos are situated on top of a hill like this:

and the animals gaze out of their ‘cages’ onto this landscape:



Not many that I have been to.  So, Italian and I wandered around for a bit and imitated animals, such as these things (the meerkats were definitely my favorite):

En route home, we stopped by one of my favorite places around Ancona, la Selva di Gallignano, a botanical plot of land that includes fields and gardens and ponds and a few little hiking trails.  It being a late springtime, I had the honour of being surrounded by my favorite dabs of red in the Italian landscape- poppies!

Along with the ribbit’s and hops of dozens of frogs, the thick buzzing of bumblebees, and other splashes of color:

And, as if nature didn’t offer me enough reasons to smile today, I found this mesmerizing thistle on the way back to the car:


Have I ever mentioned how clear all of the colors are in Italy?  They’re almost glowing.  And, oh, that sky. Sempre più blu.


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