New Paints, New Art

May 14, 2013 § 5 Comments

I don’t feel like my paintings belong on this blog (especially since I am no longer limited to Italian landscapes), but I feel uneasy putting any new art up on as well, as they are not part of that project either.  So, what to do?  Oh, the dilemmas of an artist between one place and another.

However, this painting is, in a little way, part of life in Italy.  Mostly because it was painted in an Italian house, with Italian paints.  Which, to me, is ample reason to celebrate.  Because that means that I found a store in Ancona that sells acrylic paints and canvases.  I wouldn’t go quite as far as to call the place an art store, as the front of the store deals with keys and wall repair tools and other random things, and the art supplies aren’t all too impressive in selection (at least, not in comparison to actual art stores), but– it has what I need.  I started off cautiously (there’s reason to be skeptical of unknown paints when there is no adjective in front of ‘white’), as they looked like cheap paints with expensive prices, but… I am happy with them.

And with the discovery of this little nook with a wall of artistic things in the back room.  Not to much with the store owner that stands a foot away from you and watches you for the entire duration of your stay, but maybe he’ll come to trust me after a couple of months of weekly purchases.

To start off my Italian painting career, here is a palette knife paining of a deserted Greek island:


Now, off to violins and books and cobblestoned streets and thoughts of new art projects.


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§ 5 Responses to New Paints, New Art

  • 25canvases says:

    Reblogged this on 25canvases and commented:
    Until I figure out the new organization of this web-site and new art projects, I am merely going to reblog this from Elefantini (my “life in Italy” blog), to prove to you all that I am still alive, and still painting.


  • Simply beautiful work as always! I have recently gotten into painting and am curious and wanting to try about palette knives- any tips or tricks for me?

    • Simba says:

      Thanks, Ericka!

      Palette knives are so much fun- and so much more forgiving than paintbrushes, because it’s all about the stroke and direction, rather than perfectly formed shapes 🙂
      AND they’re cheap; for $5, you could probably have a palette collection to last you a lifetime. I actually prefer the cheap, plastic ones.
      If you’re creating your own hues out of paints, I would suggest that you thoroughly mix the color that you desire- and be generous with the amount. Use that as a base, and adjust from there.
      I always work back to front- usually put down the background color, and then work background to foreground, just painting over everything underneath.

      It’s actually pretty much the same thing as painting with acrylics with a paintbrush, just… faster (except when you have to wait for layers to dry, which takes longer, because the paint is thicker; go figure). Don’t be afraid to load on the paint and spread it around, and just experiment with it. Get a glass of wine, put on some good music, and just let loose. It’s kinda therapeutic and very liberating 🙂

      Best of luck! Keep me updated with the works~

  • I’m happy to see your artwork anywhere. Why not here? After all, your artwork is part of your journey on the curved horizon. BTW, palette knife was a great choice for that rough terrain and frothy ocean. Nice!

    • Simba says:

      You’re right… I had just gotten used to keeping the art projects separate, which kept me more focused. But, now, life is a jumble; art is a jumble; might as well just jumble it all up on here 🙂

      & thanks!

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