Flowers, Strangers, Near-Death Experiences, and Salmon.

May 12, 2013 § 4 Comments

Alla fine dei conti e’ stata una giornata particolare.

This morning, I read Va’ dove ti porta il cuore by Susanna Tamaro.  Not too impressed and feeling the need for some air, so I went on what I thought would be a short walk around the block.  After six hours, falling off a few cliffs, a stranger kissing my foot, and nearly drowning, I made it back home- unscathed except for a single scratch.

The walked started out peaceful enough, taking pictures of flowers for future artistic endeavors:

Then I walked over to the Passetto, to get my mind off things and merely stare out at the sea.  The weather was alternating between sunny and dark’n’stormy, and I loved the contrast of colors dependent completely upon the position of the clouds.  I’m strolling over the pebbles, wrapping my arms around me in an attempt to fight the wind, when a stranger comes up to me and asks me to videotape him.  <<Non c‘e nessun altro… puoi aiutarmi?>>

This man was half-Spanish and half-Egyptian; a sure combination for a grand ol’ time.  So, I follow him to some perilous structure out on the sea and videotape him as he climbs all over it.  A few more perilous climbs later, we ended up scaling up this rock jutting out in the middle of the sea and big water splashes:


And then, things only got more exciting.  We followed the cliffside for a couple of kilometers to the port of Ancona; nothing but nature and the storm in front of us.  After an hour of getting thoroughly drenched several times and dodging pieces of trees smashing around, we finally made it to the port- only to find it fenced-off.  Figures- we endeavor through the wildest of nature and then are stopped by an Italian wire fence.  So… we turn back.  But, not before trying to scale the cliffs in hope of taking a shortcut back.  After sliding off a few time as the cliff crumbled into nothingness, we decided to tread back the same way we came.



When I decided it was time to put the shoes back on, this stranger insists to do it for me.  But, only after pulling a tube of toothpaste out of his backpack, applying it on my bleeding wounds, and kissing the foot for good measure.  I’m not sure if I was more amused or embarrassed, but no pain and the cut seem to be healing nicely, so can’t complain.

Shortly after, I found this guy on my hand:



Then we climbed back up the under-construction steps to the level of the city and parted ways as he headed back to Foligno and I marched back to the house to cook up a dinner of spinach, salmon, red beans, tomatoes, onion, garlic, and basil:


Story of the day:  talk to strangers.

…and who says that nothing ever happens in Ancona?




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§ 4 Responses to Flowers, Strangers, Near-Death Experiences, and Salmon.

  • eva says:

    This is so awesome! Julia , you can turn any day into adventure. I’m so jealous! Life, let me be more colorful. Thanks for the inspiration.See you in few days.

  • Who else would have a day like that in the first place, let alone be able to share it so eloquently! You are a delight!

    How do I subscribe to your blog? I don’t want to miss any of your adventures.

    • Simba says:

      As always, thank you for the flattering words 🙂

      As for blog subscriptions… I added a little widget on the right side menu, where you should be able to simply insert your e-mail address and follow the blog (along with 421 others?! when did that happen? I had no idea! Woah- thanks, Sandy, for making me research this!). Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.

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