La dolce vita, a casa.

May 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

I was out of Italy last week; went back home to take care of some errands and pick up my violin.  Came back a few days ago, got in my standard three-days-of-awkward-hours-sleep, and have settled back into this Anconian household… mostly.

Having a series of lazy days, where I spend the mornings lounging in bed and practicing violin until my wrist hurts (oh, Fourth Finger, I tamed you once before, why must you be so difficult again?).

And then, reading books in the sunshine and using wildflowers as bookmarks:



Saving orchids from the supermarkets and giving them a new home in a cozy kitchen:

Crafting up colorful spinach salads for dinner (avocado as a treat; they cost an arm and leg here):

And then having jazz-y night with Louis Armstrong and a few drops of precious homemade coffee liqueur that I imported from Austin (soon to be replaced with the usual Italian red wine, but, until the yummy nostalgia passes…):

If this isn’t la dolce vita, I don’t know what is.  Tomorrow, I’ll try to add a little bit of productivity to the list- like setting up an Italian bank account and actually mingling with Italians.  We’ll see how that goes.





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