Linguine con vongole

April 27, 2013 § 1 Comment

Today’s kitchen adventure brings me back to my life-changing experience a couple of years ago (has it really been that long?!).

I set out to the store with my mind set on cozze; mussels from the region.  When I arrive at the seafood counter, I was surprised to see the clam-section rather empty.  Definitely no cozze.  Begrudgingly, I settled on  kilogram of vongole; clams.  And, for the fun of it, a few mezzancolle; some type of regional prawns.

I tried to muster up enough courage to massacre the shelled mollusks, but failed.  You’re supposed to let them soak in salted water for a few hours to clean out all of the dirt from inside, but I’m not that patient.  So, I made Italian give them a thorough washing a couple of times and them throw them into a pot with a thin layer of olive oil and garlic on the bottom.  Pop, pop, pop.  Seven minutes later, they were dead and I could bring myself to handle them.  Drained ’em.

Sauteed a generous amount of garlic, a little bit of onion, and mushrooms (adding the de-shelled shrimp at the end).  A pinch of pepper, a glass of white wine into the pan.  Throw in the vongole, linguine (al dente, of course!), and a handful of parsley.  Stir it up, and slurp it up, and enjoy thoroughly.


Tonight’s wine pairing was il Priore from Frati Bianchi; a verdicchio from a vineyard a few hills over.  It looks a little bit too dark with its deep yellow hue, but I think that the earthiness compliments the slight sweetness of the clams very well.

Buon appetito! 



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