Il cielo è sempre più blu.

April 26, 2013 § 2 Comments

Today started at 4 AM.  I got a question yesterday from a songwriter friend, who asked “What is the recipe for a happy/fulfilled life?”

Exactly the experience that I was about to experience.  For me, it’s the simple things.  Like slipping out of the door, into the night, and being the only one loitering the streets.  Being the only person walking through the city, the rest of it still clouded in a profound sleep.  Only the faintest hint of a lightening sky in one corner of your vision to hint at the day that is about to infiltrate the city.

So, I walked across the hill and down the long promenade that cuts the city center in half and brings you to the Passetto; a steep series of many, many steps that transport you from the level of the city to the rocky shores of the Adriatic Sea.  Along the way, I passed a bar opening its doors at 5 AM, with a line of firemen and a couple of business suits already pointing at the steamy pastries and throwing back their caffe’s.  And despite my appreciation for solitude at this hour, it made me smile to think of the other souls awakening at the same time, trailing their own footfalls through empty streets.

At the bottom of the steps, I witnessed the stillest, calmest waters that I have ever seen here- and I am an avid fan of treating myself to a sunrise along the secluded seaside many meters below the city.

How amazing is this water?  I do believe that its ambiguity is one of my favorite aspects of it; the uncertainty of when the water ends and the sky begins.  Not to mention the clarity that comes in early spring mornings.

This is what happiness is:  sitting outside, breathing in the crisp air, and waiting to welcome the first rays of another day.


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