Ora andiamo qui.

April 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

As promised, today I did that thing where I got out of bed before dawn, set my mind on a few adventures, and refused to accept anything other than success.

To start out the morning, I ignored protests that today is Italy’s 68th anniversary of independence and thus everything is closed, and dragged Italian out for breakfast in the city center.  After a round of cappuccini and warm cornetti, we received this on the table:


Heated milk with foam, decorated to Italian romantic perfection.  Hah.  Pleasant surprise treat to start out the morning.

Then, a drive along the seaside to Civitanova Marche.  En route, we stumbled across this herd of goats:


I was informed that these particular animals were supposedly used to cut grass, in lieu of lawnmowers.  I, however, could not get the eerie images of Biutiful Cauntri out of my head.  But tried very hard to believe the innocence and pain-free beauty of these lives.

At Civitanova, we walked around the flower festival that was set up under tents along the boardwalk.  With a box of fresh strawberries for company, we strolled through poofy pink flowers, stick-like plants, and cacti:


After a quick stop at a baguette bar (all of the options very Italian with their filling, but baguette instead of toast bread or piadina)- whose ‘snack’ lure turned out to be something much bigger-


we drove up to Civitanova Alta; the former settlement on top of a nearby hill instead of along the shoreline:

The entire drive was spent crooning along to the region’s jazz radio station, in honor of Ella Fitzgerald’s 96th birthday anniversary (yay for anniversaries today).

I hope tomorrow brings just as many beautiful presents : )


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