E ora dove andiamo?

April 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

To fill in the past couple of weeks of no Elefantini activity:  I had my ”Ciao, Austin- Ciao, Ancona!” art show (post and pictures to follow; what a success!), I threw everything into a couple of bags, I spent a couple of days in NYC with my friend, and then I headed across the ocean.  I am now sitting on a couch in Ancona- my new home.

For the first two days, I didn’t do much; I averaged about 18 hours of sleep a day.  The couple of non-sleeping hours were spent eating and unpacking, sprinkled with a couple of showers.

Today, the curse was broken.  After I rolled out of bed at 4 PM (I swear, this isn’t my usual lack-of-sleep-schedule), I headed down to the city center.  While on a short walk last night, I saw a poster advertising a foregin movie at a local theatre- which, considering how much happens in Ancona, was a huge deal in my book.  I made it to the theatre just in time, to find out that the event was presented by the Rotary Club of Ancona (district 2090, ‘yo!).  Which means that it was free, I got a lovely 30-minute introduction about the rotary club, and could blend in with a herd of other people in a country where people don’t go out to cinemas until well after dark.

The movie was E ora dove andiamo?, a Lebanese movie directed by Nadine Labaki (Caramel, anyone?) in 2011.  The film revolves around a little village, abandoned and deserted in the middle of nowhere in Lebanon, inhabited by Christians and Muslims.  As outside influences come into the village (from television broadcasts to newspapers to a group of Ukranian strippers), the split between the two religions becomes larger and more violent.  What starts as harmless pranks sprials into racist accusations and fights.  And while the women of the village try to cool tempers and return to the former sense of fraternity, not much can be done once the cultural conflict has been ignited.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this movie, but I got a little bit of everything.  Drama, comedy, beauty, true accounts, culture, music, love, violence.  Nothing explicit; mental and social disintegration was more important than the physical, mass-scale violence that plagued the rest of the country.  It was a beautiful movie; honest and cozy, yet stark and deep with its lesson.

Not sure where the comparison is coming from (maybe the little village mentalities, a beautiful leading female character, and the regional music?), but I am strangely reminded of Chocolat.  Except that this is a little bit more serious.

I feel like this Cannes Festival movie has been translated into a plethora of languages, so if you are at all intersted in this culture, or merely appreciate a good movie, I highly recommend this one.  Love the sense of color, composition, sound, and character interaction.

e ora dove andiamo

As for me, time to go curl up in bed again.  Tomorrow, I start a regular schedule of Italian and attraction of adventures, promise.


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