Danzare sulla frontiera con Jovanotti

March 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

I suppose that living in Austin does have its perks.  After all, this is the second time in the past half year that I have been able to tackle Jovanotti with a fangirl squeal.

I haven’t really thrown myself into the heat of the 2013 SXSW scene in Austin, but I did make it a point to go check out Lorezno Cherubini (also known as Jovanotti, a household name in every Italian house) play at Mellow Johny’s Bike Shop yesterday.  He also had  a free show at Waterloo Records on Wednesday, opened up the evening line-up at Auditorium Shores on Thursday, and had another gig at St.David’s Bethel Hall on Friday.  I picked the bike/coffee shop show because it seemed like the least chaotic and the most intimate- no disappointments!

Back in October, I saw Jovanotti’s set at ACL.  If you’re interested, check out my post about that event here.  And while I do like the photos from the ACL session more, yesterday’s SXSW afternoon show was much more satisfying for me.  First of all, it was inside, not underneath the ruthless Texan sun.  Second of all, the audio set-up was much better.  The crowd consisted strictly of Italian enthusiasts, not moody people getting to the stage three hours early to move up a couple of rows for the next act.  Jovanotti seemed a lot more comfortable (as did his band).  90% of the singing was in Italian.

And the energy was beautiful.  I was too busy waving my arms around and dancing to bother much with cameras.  But, here are a few shots that I manged to take (click to enlarge!):

This performance was truly a treat, and it was obvious that Jovanotti had a great time.  He started the show talking about his passion for bikes (“My passions, in order: one, love.  two, music.  three, bikes.”) and all of the cross-continental bike trips that he took around the world.  And then he plunged into his set.  The usual dancing and smiling and colorful energy, but also much more interaction with the audience (little conversations, accepting song requests- Penelope was  a treat!-, and a sense of comfort that wasn’t really there last time.  Intimate and fun and beautiful.  The last two songs featured lengthy violin solos; unexpected and refreshing.  I loved the treatment of Bella, and the selection of instruments and featured solos for L’elemento umano was kind of brilliant.

The sponsor for this shows was KEXP, a community public radio station from Seattle.  There’s a lot of really good Jovanotti videos on youtube from previous KEXP sessions, if you’re interested.  If you want some more pictures and reviews about Jovanotti’s SXSW session at Mellow Johny’s last night, here is KEXP’s blog about the event and here is the afternoon’s playlist.

To stay true to my fangirl-y encounters with this famous Italian singer, I mustered up the courage to ask for another photo with him.  This was the first attempt (thanks, Chase):

So, a few minutes later, I sheepishly asked for another one.  Better.  I think I’ll hold of with the obsessive photos for a while- until the next show, in Italy ; )


PS:  I learned that Saturnino, the bass player, is from Marche.  Grazie, Jovanotti, for letting me know.  Now I feel even better about my decision to move there- in exactly one month from today!


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