Bari Ballerinas

March 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

If you like photography, dance, and/or Italy, then you’re going to love this.

Isn’t this beautiful?

The Ballerina Project was started by Dane Shitagi twelve years ago in New York; a series of photographs depicting ballerinas against the backdrop of the cityscape.  This urban photography has grown into a global project, where people from all over the world participate in the movement to show dancers outside of the dance room.

Elisabetta de Robertis and Olga Diasparro used the idea of the Ballerina Project to bring attention to the urban dilapidation of Bari.  Last year, they shot a series of dance photos at the Caserna Rossani, a central space that sparked a heated debate between privatization and public access to the area.  More recently, de Robertis and Diasparro used dancers from the Accademia dello spettcolo UniKA and the Compagnia Altradanza in various run-down nooks of the Area Giardino.  Both projects strive to bring attention to the (lack of ) use of old buildings in Bari, and the role that they hold- both historically and in the future.

To see more photographs and read the whole story, click here!


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