Giovanni Boldini

March 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’ve been spending my past few days looping old-timey, jazzy music on my record player- and craving some pieces of art that reflect the style.  And while today’s artist isn’t exactly from the jazz age, this Italian blossomed during the Art Nouveau period (which was all about decoration and natural lines, right?), and the free-flowing, smooth-yet-textured style somehow mirrors the soulful French music that I have been listening lately.

Dubbed the “Master of Swish” by Time magazine due to his fluid style of painting, Giovanni Boldini mainly produced portraits and figure studies.  Born in Ferrera, Italy in 1842, he ran away to Paris after studying in Florence and died there in 1931… I’d say that 89 years as an artist, in that area, in those times, is pretty impressive.  And I’m happy about that, because then we are left with a lovely collection of work to admire.

Some of my favorites:

I would love to be able to stroll the cobblestoned streets during that time period, long skirts swirling around my feet and a little parasol twirling in my hands :]


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