Tanti Auguri, Lucio Dalla!

March 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

Ack!  I had a whole post planned out for this Italian maestro, but was called back into work today… and now I am left with nine minutes to scribble this up.  Lucio Dalla deserves more, but I have to at least throw out a salute to this figure.

I suppose that this is a bittersweet day- this man would have been 70 years old today, and it is the 362-day anniversary of his death.

Lucio Dalla
Before I have the time to upload a playlist of all of my favorite Dalla tracks, let’s stick with the classic and simply say this:

Ah si, e’ la vita che finisce
ma lui non ci pensò poi tanto
anzi si sentiva felice
e ricominciò il suo canto

Te voglio bene assai
ma tanto tanto bene sai

Thank you for sharing your gift with the world, Mr. Dalla.  If I had been in Italy today, I would have attended this.  Instead, I will roll up the windows, pour a glass of wine, dim the lights, and play my favorite tracks on repeat until dawn.

Or, rather, just watch this over and over again.  Caruso, perfection.



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