Art Show: “Ciao, Austin, Ciao Ancona!”

February 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

To take a little break from Italy-across-the-ocean and draw attention to Italy-in-the-Austin-scene, I would like to show off my final project before making the move across the ocean:

With five weeks until the event, I am starting to get a little bit nervous.  I have the art done (which can be seen here), and I have the poster made… I booked an awesome local Italian musician, and I put down my deposit for the room rental… except that it’s the least convenient possible for art displays, as there is no lighting and the walls are plaster-covered-brick, so drilling holes doesn’t sound like a possibility.  I’m brainstorming art display possibilities that I can afford financially, and that I have the talent and transportation means for.  It’s equally stressful and thrilling.  I guess.

Not to mention that I have to advertise this to half the world now, and PR-ing anything, especially my own event, is not my forte. [HEY, if you know of anyone in Austin, spread the word! Hah.]

But… if this show is successful, it will be a wonderful item to check of my Life’s Accomplishments list.  I would like to fill this place up, sell some stuff, and see everyone have a good time.  And then let April 7th turn into another memorable night in Austin as I board a plane and start my adventures in Italia : )



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