Snapshots of Italy

February 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

Living in Austin, polaroid cameras have become so much part of the hipster scene that the uniqueness of the concept sometimes begins to fade.  But, let’s explore polaroid photography in Italy, because, somehow, old cathedrals, deserted piazzas, and endless hills of sunflowers combine their cliched compositions with these square photos with a refreshing level of success after all of these (512) shots of vintage bikes and big sunglasses.

I mean, it’s kinda cool, to capture the eternality of Italy in instantaneous snapshots, no?


Here is a website that is dedicated to the Polaroid movement in Italy (they have a nice online gallery, opportunities for interaction, monthly features, and an updated calendar of upcoming Polaroid exhibitions in Italy):

Polaroid Art Italy


And here is a really nifty project (Instagram, not Polaroid, but the essence is the same) called the Bus Chronicles by Lorenzo Logu (if you have time, check out all of his photo galeries on TuttaFirenze, which is a very personal site about everyday-life in Florence, with a design-oriented twist):

Bus Chronicles, Lorenzo Logu


And, if you happen to be in Italy in the next few months, there is an exhibition that seems really interesting.  Maurizio Galimberti is an Italian Polaroid artist (“instant artist”, as he calls himself), and he is having a show in Venice called Paesaggio Italia.  It is an extensive selection of his work from the years, all of it focusing on Italian landscape.  Go check it out if you have the chance (and if you don’t, go browse his online gallery here):

Paesaggio Italia, Maurizio Galimberti


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