Un Attimo Di Pace

October 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

In honour of Eros Ramazzotti’s birthday, I just bought myself a ticket to his concert in Verona on September 11, 2013.  Guess now I have no choice but to be in Italy by then.

In all seriousness, it felt so good when I clicked on ‘avanti’ after filling out all of my information on the online ticketing website.  It makes this whole move to Italy seem just that much more real.  And I shipped the ticket to a friend in Italy (another $40 to ship a piece of paper internationally?  No thanks.), which means that I will be seeing a familiar face on the other side of the ocean in the next eleven months.

It’s kind of a nifty cycle though; my Mumsi listened to this guy when she was younger.  I have his old, beat-up records I found at German music stores years ago.  Verona was my first solo-trip, and my first real exposure to Italy (and the best two weeks of my life up to that time, with Venice following Verona).  It’s my favorite Italian city to visit.  It’s my first arena to have seen an opera in Italy.  And now, it’s happening again; but it’s not going to be an international plane flight that will take me to Verona, but a local train ride (I think).

Allora, buon compleanno, Eros Ramazzotti.  Che bella, la tua nuova canzone!



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