Parli italgnolo?

October 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s been a good week for meeting interesting people at work.  In addition to free professional massages and entertaining stories, I got a new friend out of it.

His name is J. L Jardí, and he is a oil painter based in Barcelona.  This is what he does: he travels the world and takes reference photos.  Then, he goes back to his studio and paints them.  And then he puts them in galleries and art fairs and becomes rather well-known.  How cool is that?  And sort of of simple, no?  Hey, that’s kind of what I’m doing, as well.

We went out that night to hear his friend’s band at an Austin nook new to me (always leave it to outsiders to show a native something new in their own neighborhood), and it was delightful.  I love people that have this passion to go forth, capture, portray, and explore along the way.

As his English is not very extensive and my recollection of French is becoming more and more overshadowed by Italian, we compromised.  He spoke Spanish (which I know none of), and I spoke Italian (which he knows none of).  Not only did I get a lot of good language practice in, but we understood each other almost completely.  And what fun it was.

The next morning, I work up with the sun and got in a lovely, refreshing studio session before heading off to class at noon.  In short, Canvas Seven is done.

Go make friends with a stranger.


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