Underground Wine Cellars and Waffles with Maple Syrup

November 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday, I went into a huge cave, the antechamber of which was a long display line of various Italian wines at whose vineyards you receive a complimentary taste of the product with the showing of the ticket stub that got you into the Grotto  di Frasassi.   The ticket office for this impressive cave system is a single little building in the middle of a square consisting of souvenir stands and food booths.  So, after tramping around beneath thousands of feet of earth and rocks and whatnot, the thing to do is walk back in the drizzling rain, get yourself a nice, warm porchetta from the booth all the way to the left, and finish it off with some amazing apple pie from the same guy.  Only then can you drive back to the sealine, singing along to Italian pop songs and grinning like the most giddy kid ever because- let’s face it, life is perfect.

In the evening, dinner: pasta with a chicken-mushroom-broccoli mix in a sauce based on greek yoghurt (since Italians don’t believe in sour cream, this is the substitute), onion, and nutmeg.   This picture doesn’t do it justice.

And today I woke up to thick clouds, rain pattering against the window, and a hefty breeze.  So… what to do on a day like this?  Well, start it off waking up to homemade waffles (complete with maple syrup, personally imported from Canada some time ago).  Then head over to a secluded, rocky beach underneath a jagged mountain, kick off the flip-flops, and hop around rocks and get splashed by huge waves while staring at the dark skyline with fearful wonder.  Then head back home to twiddle thumbs until the EMTV Music Awards and await a fresh fish dinner.  Maybe I should declare I-Stay-Out-Of-Kitchen-Except-To-Gobble-Down-Food Days  and let other people take care of making the grub more often; it was a fun change.


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