Io Sono Felice

November 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

For dinner, influences of the Middle East.  I cut open a pomegranate two weeks ago, left it untouched in the fridge, pulled it out again today, and… it was still perfectly good and delicious.  So, I made dinner in homage of this amazing little guy.

Bell peppers stuffed with wild rice, onion, diced tomatoes, diced apples, dried cranberries, pomegranate cells, and seasoned with lots of parsley.  Baked in the oven for half an hour in a tomato/water sauce to keep everything nice and moist.  As a side, zucchini pieces boiled in a pan with garlic, nutmeg, orange peel, lemon juice, pomegranate seeds, pepper, and more parsley.  The remainder of the water was used to pour over the peppers when they came out, to add some more zest and add some more moisture.  Orange pieces, tomato wedges, and a bowl of pomegranate seeds on the other side.


I used to order something a little bit similar back home in this wonderful Middle Eastern restaurant they had in town, but last time I checked, they closed it down and replaced it with an Egyptian place.  Bugger.

Then I went to my quaint indie movie theatre (a movie a week, their schedule) to see Io Sono Li.  I loved it, LOVED it.  It was about a Chinese woman working first in Rome, then up near Venice as a bartender, and trying to raise enough money to send her adorable son to her from China.  She befriends a fisherman ‘poet’.  As they seek comfort in each other’s company and their friendship blossoms,  acceptance from both of their communities grows tense, until… things change.  I cried: the first time because of the beautiful Italian scenery that I have come to cherish so much and will miss with all of my being, the second time because of how sad the situation was, and the third time because of how beautiful life is.  The cinematography and set were gorgeous, and Tao Zhao was such a joy to watch.

It was half in Italian, half in Chinese with Italian subtitles; I am proud to say that I understood the great majority of it.  Conjugating verbs and memorizing conjunctions is starting to pay off, hallelujah.


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