Little Bit Of Red

October 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

I finally got some company in this lonesome Ancona flat : )

A friend has come to camp out here with me for the next couple of days, until Host gets back into town.  Which means, no more late nights in the dark with beautiful (albeitly rather sad) music turned up loud and three cans of tuna for awkwardly-timed lunches.  We spend our first night jamming on a pair of guitars (well, me mostly trying to translate Italian chord names into English chord notations), then simply flipping through the song books and singing every cliche song at the top of our lungs.  Needless to say, it was great fun.

Before my lovely temporary flatmate arrived, I did another quick painting.  There are obviously plenty of mistakes to point out, but… it was an idea that I mashed together this morning, and some aspects of it did not turn out as horrible as I thought they would, so I think that I will be revisiting this concept again some time in the future.

Also, I went to Milan with a friend to attend a The Hurts concert (that deserves a post all to itself).  I loved Milan.  Not only for its wonderful English Bookshoppe or its impressive duomo, but because (1) there were statues of elephants all over the city, each painted differently, and (2) I stumbled upon an art shop with a sale on acrylic paints, so I grabbed a red.  A real red, a wonderful, beautiful carmin naphtol, which is almost an equivilent to the deep cadmium red hue I have gotten so used to using.  This is an exciting find, so be prepared for more red-ness in the future.


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