Ink Scribbles, Playing Dress-Up, and Sprevengoli

October 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Cold weather is finally starting to inspire again… as is a de-cluttered house.

I spend an hour doing figure sketches (out of a sex-museum souvenier book, because there are no anatomy books or women’s magazines lying around… so I could have probably done another one or two in the time slot, but got distracted… er, educating myself):

Then I rearraged some more of the flat, which I am definitely taking for granted now.  Stuck old roses into wine glasses, and filled them up with salt (regular or sea salt, to get a contrast of textures) to hold the roses upright:

Then I went back to the second-hand shop and snagged more tops, hats, gloves, two English books (one a mediocre novel, the other a Lonely Planet guidebook to Eastern Europe, new edition… time for another trip?), really awesome black winter books, and jackets.  I  love the jackets, all knitted.  This is a photo collage dedicated to Mercatopoli, my new favorite store in Italy:

If you click on it, you can actually see it.

And at night, I went to Ostra, a little town about an hour outside of Ancona (did you know that Ancona is the center of the world?  That was my cool intellectual discovery of the day) for a Pre-Halloween fest with a friend and a bunch of her Italian friends.  They actually had light-up jack-o-lanterns, floating ghosts, people strutting about in masks, and sprevengoli- the Italian skeleton ghosts.  All of the restaurants were open late with special menus and bottles of Lacrima, a really dark and fruity red wine of the region.  After eating and strolling around the outdoor market at midnight, we stocked up on cherry wine- with biscuits or in shotglasses made out of dark chocolate.  Absolutely delicious.  And then we danced the night away to an interesting array of DJ picks in the outside square of the village.

Italy, I will miss you so.


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