Old Clothes, Red Lights, and Movies Not In English

October 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Day One of Italian independence= pretty good.

I stumbled upon a second-hand shop here in Ancona.  A fully-stocked second-hand shop.  A cheap fully-stocked second-hand shop here in Ancona.  Woah- what?  Yes’sir!  It exists, and I was convinced that I just walked into heaven.  Racks of really spiffy clothing, a whole wall of Italian books (I’m hoping to find the random book in a language I understand), cozy home decor, and a full-size keyboard which I am trying to convince myself isn’t worth the splurge for a month.  I only had 30 minutes before being kicked out for their lunch break, but I grabbed a long Italian felt/fur coat and two knitted sweaters for… 25 euros.  That’s usually how much a single shirt costs here.  I’m so excited to go back and get lost in there for a few blissful hours… that’s what Saturday night is devoted to.

Found an indie movie theater and went to go see A Dangerous Method– which was brilliant, because it had Keira  Knightley acting, Howard Shore music, a great color set-up, and… Freud psychology!  I loved it, even if my Italian isn’t quite up to parr to figure out all of the details.  Finished The Great Gatsby- alright, it was actually a quite pleasant read.  Bought a couple new books.  Hung up my art all over the living room.  Hooked up my lappie to the speakers, so now my music has real bass.  Put up red Christmas lights in the kitchen, so now it’s cozy inside when it’s chilly outside. It feels just like home back when I was living in Austin, but I have a full-sized bed and a few bottle of Italian wine to myself.

Maybe it’s good that there is no used  bookstore with English books here, or I might just never leave this corner of the world.

I ate the rest of the carbs and Nutella jars in the house, so all of the temptation is gone, and now I can fast for a week and feel a little bit cleansed before the next wave of friends and family and food.  After a close call with setting the kitchen on fire, I threw spinach, rice, egg, and parmesan cheese into the pan and enjoyed a simple lunch.

La dolce vita, mi piace : )


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