Rain, Rain, Rain (but not Mika-style)

October 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

It feels dark and slow and rather chilly here today.  Which is usually the type of weather that I love and feel happiest in, because, hey- warm, fuzzy socks, hot coco, good music, blankies, inspiration for new art/book-writing.  Nice and cozy inside, with the window opened the smallest crack to get the smell of the rain inside.  But, somehow, today… it just makes me feel muggy.

I think I’m just depressed that I am all out of books (that’s not true, I still haven’t finished The Great Gatsby, but… the diction is too formal and serious for the moment.  Says the girl that used to only read classics).  Tomorrow, big splurge at the bookstore (oh, I miss Half Price Books).

So, today… I sketch something that tries to encompass all of these feelings.  Jumbled with materials.  Ink, colored pencils, glittery golden pens, ebony pencil… whatever

I pulled out of the art box, I used.

Best paired with an AA Bondy soundtrack and chocolate-covered orange peels.



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