Murdering Dozens of Innocent Souls, and Enjoying It.

September 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

Last dinner in Italy… definitely made it count.  For my first dinner in Italy, with my first CouchSurfer, we had simple homemade linguine with mussels.  It was delicious.  So, for my last Italian dinner for a while, I wanted the same thing… I’ve been craving it for the past two months, ’bout time, eh?

So I bought two kilograms of mussels.  I’ve never bought/cooked with anything in shells before.  The lady selling them asked me if I wanted them washed… I wasn’t sure what they meant, so I just bobbed my head up and down.  They stick them into this big machine that rumbles and splutters for a few minutes, and then returns the mussels to you- cleaned, I guessed.  So I lug the bag home and stick them into the fridge and look through my new camping equiptment purchases while waiting for Host and dinner to arrive.

He gets home, I tell him that I have a special dinner itinerary for tonight.  We’ve gone out eating seafood plenty of times here (that’s one thing that Ancona does not lack), but never made such things at home- with the exception of one salmon dish.  So I lug out the mussels and stick them in the sink, and… something moved.  A shell popped or slipped or something, but it made a noise.  I eyed them quizically, and Host replies that of course, what did I expect, we didn’t cook them yet, they are still alive.  I don’t know if he was kidding, or if I really did house two kilograms of living sea critters in the house for half the day, but after that, I refused to go near them.    Luckily, he doesn’t mind murdering them all by hand, so he plucked out the black strings and stuck them into a heated pot and listening to them popping and cluttering around for fifteen minutes with a grin on his face.

Once I gathered enough courage to approach the kitchen again, I made the rest of the food- shrimp and calamari (already dead) and mushrooms simmered in a white wine sauce and seasoned with parsley and a hint of mint.  We were joined by a dear friend (many thanks for the new, orange moleskin travelbook), so I let the two Italian take care of making perfectly al dente pasta, then I mixed it all up and deemed it finshed.  Simple meal to prepare, but with its own little shade of adventure : )

For dessert, the rest of the by-now-delicously-soaked-through tiramisu and muffin-shaped gelatos.

Seafood Linguine

PS: Tonight, I’m hopping onto a ferry and leaving for Zadar.  From there, I’m walking with the occasional hitchhike to Istanbul.  Just a backpack and a map.  If there’s no new posts on this blog by December, I deem it acceptable to unsubscribe and stop hoping for yummy new posts ; )  Cheers, all.

My new home.


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