Tri-dessert Days, Sinfully Wonderful

September 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

Today, I made tiramisu.  Or, rather, today, I unveiled the tiramisu that I made yesterday.  Tiramisu in Italy?  Yes, now I can leave this world a happy and content girl.

I was hesitant because (a) I’ve never made/used Italian expresso instead of long coffee and (b) my Host doesn’t have a mixer… which means thirty minutes of heavy, uninterrupted manual whipping of the egg whites to get them to change from liquid to foam.

It turned out quite good, even though I forgot to sprinkle the second layer of ladyfingers with Amaretto- and I am a very big fan of using generous amounts of liquer in desserts 😉

5 eggs +500 grams of marscapone +100 grams of sugar + 6 expressos + some Amaretto +  coco powder sprinkles = heaven.


This is what I ate for breakfast’s dessert (that would translate to a chocolate croissant followed by tiramisu, yes) and lunch’s dessert.  After dinner tonight, I think that I will need to cool it down a notch.  Maybe.  Or maybe not.


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