Love Letters, Sushi, and Ink.

September 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Happiness also is receiving packages filled with colourfully-wrapped presents and long letters from really good friends back home.  A box filled with jingles, tastes of the American home, and memories… definitely one of the highlights of my trip so far.  As if my nostalgia level wasn’t too high.

Went out to Wasabi with my host today.  It’s a sushi name in the center ofAncona… probably the only restaurant in all of sItaly without an Italian name.  We didn’t get sushi, but the ‘fish soup’ and salmon were delicious.  So was the wine: a bottle of Vintage Tunina, a white wine that smells like cotton candy, is really easy to drink without being sweet, and lets the 13.5% creep up on you later on when you get home and the lights dim.

Did this reproduction of an old photograph of Host as a little wee boy and Host Daddy.  Sienna watercolour wash, then brown ink pen, then black ink.  It’s a new style and materials, but I like it.  I wanted to keep the sentimental mood of old sienna photographs, but at the same time keep it crisp and bring attention to the figures.  It was fun, if nothing else.

Watercolor and Ink Picture


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