Today, I slurp my food.

August 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

For the past three days, I’ve been a pretty good girl (with the exception of yesterday, when I spend an hour locked up at the police station for accidentally stealing a pair of lace panties, but that’s a different story).  I’ve gone running, studied my Italian grammar, played piano,  eaten lots of fruits’n’veggies, and rode a bike every day.  Today, the streak is ruined- quite unexpectedly.


I got my wisdom teeth removed.

Did I have this planned for today?

Definitely not.

I woke up, ate breakfast, replied to e-mails, showered, talked to Father.  He told me that he got me an appointment with the dentist today, which was good to hear.  I wanted to do a quick check-up while I was in Germany, as I’m trotting around the world for eight months, and my last appointment was a while ago.  Plus, my bottom tooth was starting to get crooked, which really bothered me.  So, we drove over, ad Herr Fisscher poked around my mouth a bit.  He said I had nice teeth.   I asked him if I really had to yank my wisdom teeth out, like my American dentist said.  He said yes… “we can do it now, if you would like?”

Pardon?  In America, the removal of wisdom teeth is made out to be a big deal.  It costs a lot of money, it hurts, people take days of school/work.  You have to set up an appointment, it takes a while.

I liked Herr Fisscher, so I said ok.  He took an X-ray.  Within seven minutes, both of my gums were numb, and both of my teeth were removed.  I handed him a 50 euro bill, and that was the end of the transaction.  Instead of pain killers (he said I won’t need them), he gave me three cotton swabs, just in case if they continue to bleed.

Now it’s eight hours later, and I’m munching on chocolate.  The numbness wore off and nothing hurts, but I bought some powdered soup and a selection of baby food for dinner anyways, just to be safe.

Note: the ‘veggies with duck and rice’ tastes exactly like the ‘veggies with spaghetti and chicken’.  And none of those taste like any part of their name.

In conclusion:  if you need to get your wisdom teeth pulled out, come to Germany for a week.  Not only is it completely hassle-free and painless, but you will spend less money on the roundway ticket and a week’s hostel accommodation than on the operation in the US (yes, even with insurance).  And, y’know… you get to go to Germany.

See you soon.



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